We have had an updated risk assessment from Chase Terrace Technology College which has clearly stated that parents are NOT allowed to spectate or be in the facilities other than getting children changed at the end of the lesson. Changing rooms are not allowed to be used as a waiting room and should be used for as little time as possible to avoid the spread of Covid 19. No showers are available and all children are to attend ready to swim.

As a swim school we want you to be able to view your children having their swimming lessons and in the past have always looked forward to seeing our customers on poolside so they are able to see the high quality of lessons we provide, however we have a new normal and to keep everyone safe and to maintain our use of Chase Terrace we must follow the risk assessment implemented by Chase Terrace Technology College.

To run the lessons efficiently and Covid secure we are asking all customers to arrive for the lessons ready to swim no more than 5 minutes before the lesson start time, upon arrival parents will be asked to get the children ready for the lesson and send children onto poolside a maximum of 2 parents will be allowed in at any one time one by the pool door and one in the recessed area by the disabled changing room. Upon entrance parents will be required to leave a mobile phone number that we can contact you on during the lesson should your little swimmer require any assistance during the lesson i.e. toilet breaks etc. During the lesson parents are requested to wait outside the building or in their cars but to be available if contacted. Parents are then asked to return to the changing rooms 7 minutes before the end of the lesson to get the children changed please remember to tell your child which changing room you will be waiting in for them.

During the changeover period from one lesson finishing and another one starting their could be a large number of people trying to get through the entrance door at one time therefore can I request that all customers maintain the 2m social distancing and that those waiting to go into the lesson wait along the wall down the side of the pool building and that those coming to collect wait along the hand rail on the right as you enter.

We have also registered for the governments QR code system for track and trace and this will be displayed on the desk upon entrance.

I hope all of you understand that this is not the way we would like to run our lessons but it is the only way we can run in the present climate we are in. I also want all of my customers to know that although you may not be able to see our lessons they will be running exactly the same as they were before, safely, educationally, and with the same fun and enthusiasm as normal!

We are aware that this may not suit all of our customers and children may be reluctant to go into the facilities on their own we do have options available to ensure you can continue with the lessons so please call us for details.

Kind Regards Rob

We have confirmation that we can re-open on Saturday 10th October all customers please come along to your normal class times and please look for our Covid co-ordinator before entering the pool building.

We have information about the lessons on this notice board so please ensure you read the information for customers about our covid secure lessons before attending it is very important as things have changed considerably.

Should you not wish to continue with our lessons please inform us as soon as possible as places are very limited now and as a business we cant afford to have places not taken in the pool.

Some customers have left deposits, some customers have paid in full and some customers are yet to enrol we have full details of the balance of your account and please ensure that all fees are paid as soon as possible. We will provide you with this information on the first lesson back and please pay at the following weeks lesson.

Great Wyrley – open with new procedures in place and changing facilities now available.

Smestow – Opening Saturday 12th September and Sunday 13th September with all restrictions listed.

Netherstowe – Works have commenced and the old air handling unit has been removed the fitting of the new air handling unit is still to be completed. We are now working with the school to organise how we are able to run covid secure lessons. No confirmed start date yet.

Queen Marys – The School are reviewing opening dates on 28th September once re-opening is confirmed we will be organising our covid secure lessons with the school.

Chase Terrace – We have had confirmation of the procedures for the covid secure lessons and are waiting for a confirmation date very soon.

Streetly – Opening on Saturday 10th October with new procedures in place and changing facilities available.

Once again thank you to all of our customers for your continued patience and understanding.

Kind Regards Rob

Due to Covid we have to change the way we run our lessons, we are hoping this is a temporary measure and one day we will return to our normal way of running and teaching, however we have guidelines to follow from Swim England (our governing body) and we also have to adhere to the facilities rules and requests for us to be able to use the facilities. This means we have very little flexibility in the way we do things however we will adapt these procedures if we find they are not effective, not covid secure or we learn of a better way of doing things. Initially we are taking a very cautious approach to protect our staff and customers in these strange times and hopefully with practice and assistance from our customers we hope to change things to get back to our normal running procedures as soon as it is safe to do so.

What is new?

We have had to reduce the number of swimmers in the pool, the larger the pool the more swimmers, but for most school pools such as Great Wyrley, Chase Terrace and Streetly we will be running with a max number of 18 separate households in the pool. This may mean there is more than 18 swimmers but siblings will swim together. In Netherstowe and Queen Marys because they are larger pools we are looking at 20 and Smestow 24.

At all venues we will have a Covid co-ordinator, they will meet you at the designated entrance to the pool and tell you the route to the pool and send you to a waiting point, we will be running a one way system where possible at our lessons. Only one set of lessons and customers allowed on the poolside at any time, they will exit after their lesson the poolside and equipment will be sanitised and then the next set of customers will be called on the poolside.

There will be No changing facilities available at all children (and parents if going in the pool) are requested to come ready to swim with costumes on under their clothes. Clothes can quickly be removed on poolside or at the waiting points if you have time and the lesson will start. At the end of the lesson please dry your swimmer off put suitable clothing on over their costumes to transfer them to the car or home, at NO point should any child remove their costume and get changed on the poolside as this will cause significant safeguarding issues. Once ready to go home please wait until you are directed to leave by the poolside manager. Please be as quick as possible as we have to get our next set of swimmers in the pool.


We have had confirmation that we are able to use the changing facilities at Great Wyrley from Friday 25th September, Streetly and Chase Terrace once the facilities re-open. All customers are requested to still come beach ready and follow the instructions of the covid coordinator upon entry to the facilities please maintain social distancing when in the changing rooms and wearing a face mask in the changing rooms is mandatory for anyone over the age of 11.

Whilst the lessons take place customers are required to stay in one set location and are not permitted to move around the poolside, if a child requires the toilet the pool manager will co-ordinate this with the parent/adult. But please avoid this if possible by going to the toilet before you attend the lessons and avoiding drinking 30 minutes before the lessons start. We will only have access to one toilet and this will be sanitised before and after every use.

We have to restrict the number of people attending as much as possible so only one adult is allowed to attend and if possible please arrange childcare for other siblings. We understand this may not be possible but if you do bring other children they must remain at your side for the duration of the lessons. We are also aware that due to medical conditions some families are required to arrive with more than one parent and this should be pre approved with myself before you attend the lessons.

Swim England is advising all teachers to teach from a teaching area on poolside, as you know we love being in the water with your little swimmers but teachers if they do that will be in close contact with lots of children obviously something we are trying to avoid. We still want our lessons to be safe so we are putting non contact helpers in the water who will be there for emergencies only however if you feel as though your child will not cope in the water without assistance please go in with them to assist them should they require it and to ensure they are constantly safe and don’t lose confidence. Please notify us if you are going to do this I would only advise this for new starters, unconfident swimmers and those who are just coming out of arm bands up to 10 metres.

General things to consider.

This is all new to us as well as you and while we will be trying our very best to run things effectively and efficiently we may have problems, delays or issues we need to rectify if this does happen please be patient especially in the first few lessons while we are running in all of these new procedures.

Please bring suitable pool shoes with you and change into them before entering the pool hall these must be clean and not worn outside at all.

Please make sure your little swimmers will be warm going home. With winter approaching hats are essential with warm clothes and coats, we wish you could get them changed but this isn’t possible at the moment.

Lessons will reduce in time so the longer it takes customers to get onto the poolside be ready for lessons and to leave at the end the shorter the actual lesson will be so please be quick, we are looking at 25 minute lessons ideally.

Please protect our staff and other customers by following the governments advice, socially distancing and following our staffs instructions we are trying our very best to keep you all safe.

We will have hand sanitizer and cleaning products on site and should you need them at any point please speak to a member of staff.

To reduce the risk of covid please do not touch any area you can avoid and use the sanitizer provided on entry, we will be cleaning high touch areas such as door handles etc regularly.

A final bit…..

We are very aware of the changes however we are still Super Sharkys and we value our customers, if you have any feedback or want to talk to us please do, we want you to be happy with our lessons and our customer service will remain a priority along with the safety of all, but please remember we have a job to do and teaching your children to swim is our top priority as long as our customers help us as much as possible with all of the covid measures we have all had forced upon us.

Thank you all for your continued support and understanding.

Kind Regards Rob