Would all customers who wish to continue with the lessons next term please ensure you enrol tomorrow, we have a very long waiting list for lessons and any places not paid for by 6pm on Saturday night will be offered to customers on the waiting list. Obviously as existing customers I want you to have priority booking over new customers coming in and should anyone wish to continue but are unable to attend the enrolments please let me know either by email info@supersharkys.co.uk or text to 07961 046532 and we can arrange for you to do a bank transfer to secure your place.

Thank you all for your help in this, Kind Regards Rob

We have been informed that the school is closing the pool from Sunday 11th July, they are having major plant works done on the pool over the summer holidays and they have no option but to start it on Monday 12th July, this will mean that this week is the last week that we will be running before the summer closure.

We will be moving our enrolments to Monday 5th July, Tuesday 6th July and Wednesday 7th July. (the enrolments for Thursday, Friday and Saturday will remain the same 8th 9th and 10th July).

Can we ask all customers to ensure they enrol this week as we now have a very long waiting list for people to start lessons and after the enrolments this week any customers who have not enrolled will possibly lose their place as we will start offering lessons to those customers on the waiting list.

Obviously as existing customers you have priority and I do understand us changing the enrolment date is not ideal but with this enforced closure we have no other option.

With the Monday Tuesday and Wednesday customers missing the last 2 weeks of lessons that will be deducted off next terms course fees. Anyone who is not enrolling we will transfer you to another venue for the last 2 weeks so you have all the lessons you have paid for. Thursday Friday and Saturday customers will miss one week and this will also be deducted off next terms fees.

Should anyone need to check the balance of their account please call the office number and I will check if for you, can I also remind some customers that they owe weeks from differences between the Jan – Easter term booked originally to the Easter – Summer term which was 1 or 2 weeks longer on certain days.

If any one has any questions or needs to talk to me please feel free to call me.

Kind Regards Rob

Please see below for the email we have received from the school.

“Just a very quick update regarding where we are with the pool: we have had the second pool specialists in to conduct a full survey of the pool this week, including a gas test to identify leaks. They will now prepare a report for ATLP operations & estates team detailing what needs to be fixed and the cost of repair. I am hoping that we will know more about what ATLP intend to do with the repairs before breaking up for the summer and I will of course update you when I have some more news.”

Since receiving this email I have requested that the school updates us earlier and that decisions about the repairs need to be made quicker.

Can I thank all of my customers for your continued patience and reading between the lines it looks as though September is going to be the earliest we get back to Netherstowe.

Kind Regards Rob

There has been a delay due to one of the companies cancelling the testing work, the school have re-scheduled this for the end of this week so hopefully I will have more information next week.

Thank you to all of our Netherstowe customers for your continued support and patience hopefully back soon!!

Kind Regards Rob

Just an update as to what is happening with the pool, Netherstowe has had two separate companies in to look at sorting all of the issues with the pool. Following the advice of the specialist companies the school have now drained the pool and a gas test is going to be done on the pool tank to identify where it is now leaking from, following this repairs will be made to rectify the issues and hopefully we should then be open, Netherstowe have given us a timeline of closed until the school half term but obviously this depends on where the leaks are and how easy they are to rectify along with the recommissioning of the pool and satisfactory water quality checks.

We will be back so please understand this is completely out of our control and obviously thank you all for your continued support and understanding.

Regards Rob